not much structure for starters with this faggot-art re-design section;
but next month, we'll have some sort of directory going up here.

for now just some new and earlier finds and highlights from the old db site.
just sad about the lonely way my friend Rex has decided to pass to faggot he(ll)aven:
so I hope you don't mind this month's art page is mainly dedicated to
one of the 3 most groundbreaking faggot art pioneers of the 20th century.
1943 - 2024 :

"When life dims, and the hand becomes too shaky to draw, with Rex, and with Tom, it becomes time to let the lamp extinguish.
Artists continue to illuminate the world with what they created so their light will forever fill the darkness."
S.R. Sharp, 2024

"an historian, a voyeur, a muckraker and a trouble maker, a provocateur, a sensualist and a hedonist,
the sensitive and observant protrayer of a secret world, and a dirty old man"

a tribute by former Drummer editor Jack Fritscher, sadly FuckBuck-censored

another quote from Jack Fritcher :
" REX, the perfection of pointilist erotic art. Profiled in "Drummer" in 1978, he drew 2 covers as well as interior pictures.
His hundreds of gorgeous and disruptive sexy drawings defined Leather Culture and homo-masculinity.
Rex was to drawing what Mapplethorpe was to photography. In fact, each artist collected the other.
Here's my 1984 photo of my longtime pal who was famously camera shy " :

Using old emails from Rex, Bay Area resident Jack Fritscher deduced that Rex was 81.
It's believed Rex was born February 5, 1943,
based on calculations Fritscher made this week and shared with the Bay Area Reporter.

In the spirit of the '24 holy week with Marc de Bauch:

see Marc deBauch's workon April 26-27-28 '24 at Seattle Erotic Art Festival:

and y'all know I'm a big fan of Kirill Fadeyev and hairy assholes :

Andrea Madalena is another big fav tasty-ass-hair depictor:

my favorite egg search found some in that delicious space called bowels:

also here to promote the fun we can have with generation mixups :

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